Hi, my name is Alpha Tshibangu
A software developer.

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As a highly motivated software developer, I bring diverse technical skills and a passion for innovation to every project. With expertise in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and various networking protocols, I am proficient in using the React Native and React JS library to create dynamic user interfaces with advanced back-ends. My interests in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, and Networking have driven me to develop projects in these areas. I'm always seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills. I am a collaborative problem solver and thrive in team environments, always striving to create software that makes a real impact.

Besides tech, I have a passion for music and sports. In my free time, you can find me playing the guitar, bass, and (sort of) piano. I'm also an avid football (soccer) fan and enjoy playing the sport. Additionally, I stay actively involved in my local church as a musician and youth committee member, where I strive to make a positive impact in my community.

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Scripture Application

Scripture is a powerful bible-verse translation app that bridges language barriers by offering 200 language options, including low-resource languages with limited biblical translations. NLLB200, Meta AI's state-of-the-art machine translation model, powers the app to make the entire Bible accessible, free, and easy to understand for all. Scripture was developed using React Native for the UI & Python for the backend. It uses a self-dev REST API for communication.

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Chisholm Medical Centre A.I.

Chisholm Medical Centre (CHMC) A.I. is a Question-Answering (Q.A.) web application that utilises roBERTa-base, a fine-tuned machine learning model trained on the SQuAD2.0 dataset, to answer questions related to the medical centre. The backend (Python) processes questions using Extractive Q.A. from a given context (information about CHMC). The dynamic user interface uses vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Source Code